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Airbnb, Vacation Home and Rental Property Cleaning

Whether you are a property manager or have a space listed on Airbnb or Vrbo, keeping your rental property clean and hospitable is important to you and the people renting your space. We can offer quick turnovers in your short term rentals, and, for recurring services, we can offer discounts for using our service on a regular basis. Moon Magic also does Move-In/Move-Out Cleans for new homeowners or renters. We will offer you a great cleaning service, without the chemicals, at an affordable price for everyone.

Simply call us at (719) 839-1364 or fill out our contact form and we can give you a price quote.

Rental PRoperty Cleaning


20% off

Weekly Cleans for Short Term Rentals

10% off

Property Managers and Property Management Companies

5% off

Move-In/Move-Out Cleans

Premium Cleaning for Western North Carolina

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